It’s Far From Perfect

We have been trying to take family pictures since Spring.  One thing after another kept happening and it just kept getting pushed back.  We have not had a family photo session of just us, since our Engagement Photo’s 10 years ago.  Because we haven’t done them in so long I felt all this pressure for this shoot to be “perfect.” I wanted to be in the best shape, have our outfits perfect, make sure our hair was all freshly cut, etc. etc.  As I was striving for this perfection, the day before reality set in, and I realized more than ever…

Life is far from perfect.

Why on earth am I striving for this perfection, and who am I trying to please?  I suddenly felt this conviction over trying to achieve the perfection I was reaching for.  This usually isn’t me. Society, social media, and most of all Satan has tainted my image of people.  It looks all rosy, but in fact it is far from it.

Thankfully I woke up the morning of the shoot, ready for what was coming that day. I knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, nor did I have expectation that is was. That day wasn’t perfection, it was adaptation.

In a few days people will be looking at our family photo’s thinking how beautiful they are, but I’m here to tell you about all the imperfection that was happening behind the scenes.

To begin with, our photographer severely injured her hand a few weeks ago so we were her “guinea pigs” as to whether she is ready to begin shooting again.

Photo shoot with a toddler.  That in itself is imperfect enough. He was awesome for about 30 minutes, and then he just started going on this tourette kick of “cheeeeese” without actually smiling or looking at the camera anymore.  Halfway through the shoot he got so crazy that he actually head butt my husband and gave him a fat lip.

We also had a clothing change halfway through.  I went to put my kid’s shoes on and low and behold they are too small!. They literally fit last week! So barefoot he went.

Today, I have bruises ALL over.  We took part of the shoot in a stream and it was covered with algae.  We were slipping and sliding all over.  My kid completely bit it and fell in the water completely, and I almost walked away with a sprained ankle.

Those are laughable instances, but behind all of that was one thing that none of us were laughing at.

Under that beautiful white dress, I am miscarrying a baby.  I found out the day prior that I was 3 weeks pregnant, and miscarrying the baby.

Life is never perfect, never predictable, and never without opportunity to grow and overcome.


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