Hey Dad.

I dream. A lot.

Almost every night I close my eyes wondering what I will dream of that night.  My dreams are almost always relative to what is taking place in my life.  I may not always be able to immediately figure out the reason or “meaning” of them, but I can typically decipher them after a little thought.

In the past I have struggled with having a lot of nightmares.  In fact, my husband had gotten pretty used waking up about once a week to me screaming out loud.  At first, it would really freak him out, now he barely wakes up and says my name until I wake up. He then rolls over and holds me until I go back to sleep.  I know, I sound like a five-year old. I promise, if you were in my dreams, you would also need a little holding, especially if you knew why I was having them.

My nightmares have stopped.  I have no idea why, but I am incredibly thankful. Now I typically only have them if I watched something crazy. My dreams have actually become rather enjoyable.  Last night, I dreamt of Dad.

I dream of him quite often, but he is usually alive.  I have only had one dream of him where he was no longer alive. Last night, I got to talk to him.  Something my dad was known for was talking on the phone.  He talked to everyone, all the time.  I would talk to him on the phone almost every day, sometimes twice a day.  Calling him is what my sisters and I miss the most.  So last night, he called me from heaven.

I don’t remember our conversation, but I could see him.  It was like heavenly FaceTime 🙂 He was in the room with God, and they were both talking with me.  He was making me laugh, and giving me advice about something, which he ALWAYS did. It was just a normal conversation for us.  I began telling him how much I miss him, and I was saying it over and over because he couldn’t hear me.  I heard myself saying it out loud, then I woke up, with tears streaming from my face.

BUT…I know he heard me.

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