The Alone Version of Me

2017-09-08T19:22:39+00:00 August 11th, 2017|letting go, life, marriage, Me|

I have always been a very independent girl, until I got married. I was the girl, on the side of the road, changing her own flat tire. That was something Dad taught me. I never found my identity in anything other than exactly who I was. That slowly began to diminish after I married Jack. [...]

Welcome Baby Boy: Part I

2017-08-11T15:55:50+00:00 January 19th, 2015|Baby, best friends, birth, Daddy, family, friends, Husband, Joy, life changing, Love, Me, natural birth, pain, trust|

I was 12 days past due and baby boy had not made his grand appearance yet.  I was planning on doing everything in this birth process unmedicated, and as natural as possible.  I had been studying my Hypnobabies curriculum for months, mentally preparing myself for this process. I knew it could go opposite as planned, [...]

Hey Dad.

2017-08-11T15:58:02+00:00 April 29th, 2013|Daddy, Death, God, Joy, Me|

I dream. A lot. Almost every night I close my eyes wondering what I will dream of that night.  My dreams are almost always relative to what is taking place in my life.  I may not always be able to immediately figure out the reason or "meaning" of them, but I can typically decipher them [...]

My Weekly Meltdown

2017-08-11T16:01:27+00:00 March 28th, 2013|best friends, Daddy, Death, God, Me|

There are still certain places I go, such as Fry's Electronics, that faithfully choke me every time.  Dad was a computer guy.  In fact, part of me believes that may be what caused the cancer.  For 35 years he sat in his office, 12 hrs a day, completed surrounded by every electronic you could imagine. [...]

Sex and Tears

2017-08-22T22:28:09+00:00 August 10th, 2010|Me, men, relationships, Sex|

The last week has been quite a rough one for me.  Last Monday my husband (lets call him Jack) and I had a discussion that resulted in my feelings getting very hurt.  I have noticed that I have been a lot more sensitive lately to numerous things in my life.  I haven't quite figured out [...]

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