The Other Side Of The World

I am sitting in a coffee bar in Seoul, Korea working on one of the 8 Mac computers offering free Wi-Fi.  The rest of the world is so much more giving than the U.S.  I have learned that in simply two days of traveling outside the U.S. I apologize in advance if this post seems uneducated or choppy.  My jet lag has kicked in and I didn’t sleep well on my journey here.

I am embarking on a journey to visit my sister in Indonesia for a couple of weeks.  This trip was a last minute decision.  For the first time in who knows how long I would have two total weeks work free.  My sister spontaneously emailed me requesting me to come see her…in Indonesia! My first thought was, no way, its just not possible.  I began looking into the possibility and with the grace of the Lord here I am, traveling around the world for the first time, alone.

Now that I am here, I am absolutely sure this is a trip the Lord wanted me to take.  I knew that immediately as I watched the small things the Lord had his hand on unfold before me one after the other.  I departed from Baltimore after coaching over the weekend with Jack.  The first small blessing I noticed was my departure gate was 3 down from Jack’s and our flights were departing at the same time.  This was so wonderful because we had been running around crazy all weekend and never got any quality time together.  This gave us a good opportunity to enjoy each other for a couple of hours before take off, and get in a good solid goodbye.  This will be the longest we have ever been apart.

My flight was delayed about two hours which led to me missing my connection in Minneapolis to get me to Seattle.  I already had a hotel booked for my night in Seattle and I was going to spend the night there while waiting for my International departure Monday afternoon.  By the time I got off the plane in Minneapolis, my travel agent father, had already booked me a new hotel and rearranged my flight from the one Delta rebooked me on.  He was using points to get me a hotel in Seattle and I was disappointed to stay in Minneapolis, because then I would have to pay for my hotel room.  He called the Seattle hotel and asked about redeeming his points and they told him he had 5 minutes to cancel.  He then was able to use his points in Minneapolis, which they told him would not be available for another 72 hours.  The airline had rebooked me to arrive 30 minutes prior to my international departure, so he was able to get me on an earlier flight to give me plenty of time to make it.

I departed from Seattle yesterday afternoon on Korean Air.  I am now spoiled for forever.  Waiting in my seat they had a bottle of water, pillow, blanket, moisturizing towel, toothbrush/toothpaste, and my own personal tv offering a large amount of free movies, music albums, and games.  I spent the whole first hour smiling like a 5 year old and exploring all there was to do. The entire 11 hour flight I never once had to pull out my own electronics to keep me occupied. Not to mention, the flight attendants outfits were to die for and they were by far the most friendly and put together staff I have ever encountered.

I arrived in Korea yesterday around 6pm.  I wandered my way throughout the airport, where I was the tallest one around, asking where I was supposed to go.  I was looking for my hotel which is located inside the airport, but everyone seemed to be telling me to go different directions.  I eventually found it, indulged in a traditional Korean meal, was able to skype Jack, and then went down for the night.

I spent the morning wondering the airport, putting on my blinders as I pass the shops of Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, and Coach.  I have to spend the whole day here ignoring those stores!  I found the comfort of some Korean Starbucks, and also met a fellow Texan.  I leave here this evening and 7 hours later I will arrive in Bali, Indonesia.

I hope to get out some good posts on this trip but I am not sure how much access to internet I will have.  Hopefully I won’t have to wait as I am sure to be doing some good soul searching. I will Eat, I will Pray, but I am going to save the Love for when I return home to Jack.


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