A Love Story

This last weekend I was on a work trip in Florida and I had the privilege of getting to take my husband with me. The last day of the trip Jack and I were finishing up our breakfast in our hotel restaurant when we were approached by an elderly couple.  Turns out our waitress told them we were newlyweds so they thought they should come talk to us, and compared to them, we are.  Bill and June have been married for 69 years so they had many pieces of advice to pass along.  Our waitress later told us that she could tell we were so in love that she assumed we were newlyweds.  That is actually the biggest compliment we have received, as we have been married for 2 years. I know 2 years is not that long of time, but it is so flattering to know others can still see our love.

We spent the next 45 minutes talking with Bill and June.  They met when they were 15 years old.  Bill admitted to being the “original” stalker.  He said he had to beat up quite a lot of other boys to scare them away from June.  He followed her around for years until she agreed to go out with him.  Their senior year of high school she finally agreed.  They began a relationship until it was delayed for 5 years while he joined the military.  For 5 years she dated other men while keeping in touch with Bill.  She said she was trying to fill the void of him being gone.  He said he was letting her run her course until he came back for her.  As soon as he got back they were married and 69 years later he still looks at her with butterflies in his stomach and hearts in his eyes.
Lately I have been dealing with many people surrounding me approaching divorce.  Meeting them was such a gift from the Lord to lift me up and remind me that sometimes happily ever after does end like we hope for.  Since we met Bill and June we have felt like newlyweds all over again.  His kisses have given me butterflies and his looks have made me feel beautiful like when we first met.  I can’t wait to grow old with Jack and someday share our story and hopefully inspire someone along the way.
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Writing has always allowed me to be able to communicate better what I am truly feeling not only with others but mainly with myself. It allows me to look inside my heart, figure things out, and help me be who I really want to be.